What payment methods do you accept?

All our online payments are made through the Paypal system. Once you have configured your Thesis you will be directed to the PayPal payment gateway page. If you have an existing PayPal account you simply login and confirm payment. If you do not have a PayPal account you can use your Credit Card or 3V Card as well. Paypal is a very secure method of payment over the internet. For more information click here

How can I customise my Thesis?

Our Theses come in 3 types
  • Hardback
  • Softback (lettered)
  • Softback clear-bound
Your first step is to select from those 3 options. Once you have made this selection you will be presented with a list of appropriate options i.e.
  • available cover colours
  • number of pages plus optional Cd wallets and/or Map pockets

How do I upload my Thesis to you?

We have made the process of uploading your work to us quite simple. We have placed convenient links on the right hand side and on the top-right corner of our site. If you have multiple files to upload we recommend you zip them into one file (select them all, right-click, and choose add to compressed folder). If you need any help, give us a call or drop us an email and we will be glad to assist you.

Can you ship to multiple addresses?

Yes. We will ship your Thesis to many different addresses but this will incur an extra delivery charge.

I only have 1 colour page, can I print that and send it to you?

No. Our automated production process, which allows us to offer such reasonable prices, makes it impossible to handle individual pages within the textblock.

How quickly can you bind my Thesis?

This depends on the service type and Delivery options you choose at time of order. Please view our Thesis binding options.

Can I add pocket material to my Thesis?

We can provide pockets for extra materials e.g. CDs. We make a paper pocket and place it on the inside of the back cover for these extra materials. For CDs or DVDs we mount a plastic case on the inside of the back cover. If both a paper pocket and a CD/DVD case are needed we will place the pocket on the inside of the back cover and the CD case on the inside of the front cover.

Can I include foldouts in my Thesis?

Yes. BindmyThesis.co.uk are a Book bindiners and we do this kind of work frequently. There is no extra charge for this service. You simply note the pages that need to be treated as foldouts when placing your order.

What cover options are available?

Our covers are made using Library buckram, which is available in 32 colours. Our Thesis colour chart shows all of the available colours we offer - please check the requirements of your institution before choosing, or contact us and we can advise you.

Can I use my original signed signature pages?

Yes. This option is available for our Custom product. You must print completed order page and send that, along with your signature pages, to the address shown on the page. This may delay the delivery time because we cannot print or bind your volumes until the signature pages are received.

Do you do double-sided Thesis Binding?

Yes. Double sided printing is available for both our standard and our custom products. Make sure that your file is formatted for double-sided printing. You will be able to select the double-sided option when placing your order.

What type of paper will my Thesis be printed on?

We print all Theses on high grade 100gsm paper.

Can I have my Title/Degree added to the spine of my Thesis?

Yes. This can be done but you must always check if the institution that you are submitting your Thesis/Dissertaion to allows this.

What information will be on the Front cover & spine of my Thesis?

The Front Cover shows the .... Full title of the thesis/dissertation Author's full Name Author' qualifictions Author's year The Spine will have details of the Author's Nam Author's Qualification Year The Thesis/Dissertation was written

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